Halloween Candy Criminals Thwarted Again

Latest release from Dental Times about the recent battle between our heroes and the local gang The Cavity Crew!

Halloween Candy Criminals Thwarted

Sergeant Sealant and The Bristler Pair Up to Defeat Candy Menace

Every year around Halloween, the city of Dental Heights is threatened by the attack of notable crime gang Cavity Crew, and their onslaught of sugar. Molar Man and his Hall of Heroes typically chase them off, and they haven’t been seen since last year. However, this year Cavity Crew’s leader, who calls himself Sweet Tooth, was caught lurking near the abandoned floss warehouse Saturday night, and was chased off by local police. Three days later, graffiti spelling out “Hershey’s Rulezzz” was found on the side of Teeth Hall. Having just recovered from their recent attack from The Infector, Teeth Hall employees left work early and called in sick after learning about the tagline. One employee stated “I can’t deal with this again, the Cavity Crew needs to stay out of town!” We also spoke with Old Man Wisdom, who stated he was only visiting, who begged the question “Where is the Hall of Heroes?”

Dental Heights is lucky to have the protection of Molar Man, but when Cavity Crew showed up Monday morning in the middle of Tongue Square, he was nowhere around. Citizens wondered where he could be, but were quickly relieved when Sergeant Sealant and The Bristler appeared, with their sugar shield and paste punch in tow. The Cavity Crew had already blocked off the square using sugar barriers, while their crew members quickly began attempting to drill their cavity infection holes into innocent teeth civilians. Sergeant Sealant and The Bristler were prepared for this. Working together, they managed to rescue most of the citizens by distracting Cavity Crew members with a refreshing wave of mint toothpaste, and dismantled the sticky sweet barriers with Sergeant’s sugar shield. Somehow in the chaos of action, Sweet Tooth went missing. While The Bristler helped calm the affected citizens using his signature bionic brushing, Sergeant Sealant went after Sweet Tooth. We spoke with Sergeant when he returned with Sweet Tooth in custody, and he explained that the whole event was a distraction so Sweet Tooth could plant his cavity-making sugar spores in places like Teeth Hall and Molar Manor. We are grateful that Sergeant and The Bristler were there, and we hope we don’t see the Cavity Crew for a long time!



How Children Celebrate Halloween Around the World

Halloween is coming up and we are so excited! We’ve already posted about how to care for your teeth during the onslaught of sugar, alternatives to candy, and had some pretty cool Halloween ideas, but what about the holiday itself? Do other countries celebrate Halloween the same way we do? Do they even know what Halloween is? Do they visit their dentists after eating way too much candy!? Don’t worry, we have the answers.

Halloween Around the World

Do you know what Halloween means and the history behind it? The tradition of Halloween actually originates from the Celtic tradition called Samhain. We wanted to learn more about Halloween and we wondered how children celebrated Halloween in other countries . We did some research and discovered the origin of this American holiday.

People believed that on Samhain their deceased loved ones could roam the earth for one night, and they celebrated by feasting and dancing! However, as much of the world became more Christianized the name changed. It used to be called All Hallow’s Eve, but has been shortened to Halloween.

Many other countries around the world observe holidays that celebrate departed loved ones. Although they aren’t the same as Halloween, they are similar to our version of Halloween and share common ideas. Ideas like Jack O Lanterns and celebrating the dead. So which countries are they?


Canada celebrates Halloween in much the same way that we do, even trick-or-treating and dressing up! Canadians use Halloween to celebrate the supposed day when dead ancestors can cross into the land of the living, which is the same as us! In fact, Canadians are so big into celebrating Halloween that they spend even more money than Americans on candy and decorations!


It’s time for Dia De Los Muertos! This means Day of the Dead, and is a Mexican holiday celebrated around the same day as Halloween. Mexicans celebrate and remember their dead loved ones. Though they do not believe that dead ones return for this holiday, they spend the time praying and remembering their ancestors. They hold festivals and parades full of food and color! They also have a tradition of painting their faces in brightly-colored recreations of skulls, like this little girl. We think this looks like a lot of fun!

Scotland, Ireland, and Wales

These countries in the United Kingdom come from Celtic ancestry, and as such have kept the traditions of the original Samhain and celebrate around October 31st by gathering families together and having parties and feasts! The people who celebrate Samhain take the honoring of their dead very seriously, even religiously! Many people hold rites and rituals, as well as visit the gravestones of loved ones on this special night. If you think graveyards are scary, don’t worry, it’s just to put flowers on headstones and pray and remember!


In Japan they take the time to celebrate and honor their ancestors through the Obon Festival. The Obon Festival is similar to our version of Halloween and the Celtic version of Samhain in that it celebrates the deceased through dancing and festivals. The difference is that it’s celebrated in summer! This Japanese holiday has been going on for 500 years and looks like this:


Cambodia, a country near Thailand, celebrates Pchum Ben, a holiday to honor their deceased loved ones. It is celebrated by feasts, dancing, festivals, and visiting the graves of their ancestors. Cambodians celebrate this holiday for 15 days! We wish Halloween was that long…


Have you ever heard of Chinese New Year? This is the country-wide holiday where Chinese celebrate the passing of another year, similar to our New Year’s Eve/Day. The difference is that they also take this time to remember and honor any loved ones who have passed on. They celebrate through the traditional ways of festivals, parades, and lots of delicious food, and they decorate with red lanterns like these!

Wow, Halloween sure is different around the world! But we are not alone in our celebration of deceased ancestors and loved ones. How do you celebrate Halloween with your family? Do you carve pumpkins and dress up? Do you eat lots of candy after trick-or-treating? Or does your celebration consist of something closer to Samhain or Pchum Ben? Let us know! And for all the parents out there concerned with the American tradition of sugar overload, you can always set up an appointment with Burg Children’s Dentistry here. Happy Halloween, Dia De Los Muertos, Chinese New Year, or whatever you celebrate, and we hope to see you soon!


Breaking News from Dental Times!!!

Latest release from Dental Times about the recent battle between our hero Molar Man and the evil Infector!

Dental Times Newspaper
Molarman VS. The Infector

Molarman Vs Infector Comic Panel

Molarman and the Infector
Face Off in Epic Battle

In a thrilling spectacle yesterday afternoon, the incredible Molar Man and local evildoer The Infector, battled it out at Tooth Hall to amazed and terrified spectators. Tooth Hall workers were not expecting to become pawns in Infector’s game of domination, but were held hostage as Molar Man tried again and again to rescue them from The Infector’s diseased grasp. Sources say The Infector’s goal was to wrest control of both Tooth Hall and our town of Dental Heights from Mayor Mouthwash and inflict his swarm of bacteria bugs on the innocent townspeople.

Footage of the event shows The Infector behind a gathering of Tooth Hall workers sending wave after wave of infection and bacteria at both Molar Man and any unlucky onlooker who happened to be too close. Molar Man deflected numerous rushes of germs by gathering them together, and using his super strength, tossed them out of city limits. Enraged, The Infector then took on Molar Man head to head. The hostages managed to escape while The Infector threw repeated swelling punches at Molar Man. The battle ended quickly when Molar Man was finally able to use his super brush to disable Infector.

Authorities took the vengeful villain to jail where citizens hope he will stay. This isn’t the first time the scoundrel has undertaken the invasion of Dental Heights, using his icky infection and swelling in past attempts, but Molar Man and his Hall of Heroes have always been there to stop him.


Your Child’s 1st Dentist Visit: How to Prepare

Are you hoping to schedule your child’s first visit to the dentist? We understand the worry of preparing your child for what they will face on that first visit. That’s why we’ve dedicated our efforts to making their trip a pleasant one! To help you ease the many different kinds of pain that accompany that first trip, we’ve compiled some tips.

To-Do Before You Go

By taking these few tips into account before you bring your little one in for the first time, you can make sure you’re ready to go when the big day finally comes!

  • Bring them to one of your appointments. This allows them to grow accustomed to seeing and hearing the machinery, as well as see you there getting your work done! This proves to them that it’s easy!
  • Make sure they have been brushing their teeth each day. You should start brushing their teeth as soon as they have any. This will lessen the pain of teeth cleaning, and they’ll hopefully be used to having tools in their mouth.
  • Tell them what will happen. Make sure you prepare your child for what they will face at the dentist by explaining that a dentist will be looking into their mouth for cavities or other problems. Explain to them that it won’t hurt and maybe offer to do something fun with them afterward!
  • Make sure you’re taking them in at the correct age. Most children don’t need to see the dentist for the first time until they are about 3 years old. Make sure to check their teeth every so often to see if you should come in earlier!

When To Schedule

You might not have realized this, but did you know that dentist’s have busy times? That’s right, even Burg has times of the year where we are busier than other times, which means it can be harder to schedule an appointment.

We explored Google Trends to see when people are looking for a children’s dentist the most during the year. A quick look at the last 5 years has indicated that people are searching “children’s dentist” the most toward the end of July and the beginning of August.

After looking at Utah’s school start dates and comparing it to Utah’s “children’s dentist” trends as well, we figured out that most people are scheduling their children’s dentist appointments at the end of July and beginning of August likely because they are trying to get this pesky appointment in before the school year starts.

We know that scheduling and completing that very first dentist appointment can be stressful in more than one way. Your child is nervous, you’re trying to find time to fit it in with back-to-school preparations, and the stress can become overwhelming. Which is why we suggest scheduling during these months instead:

  • July instead of August – by scheduling in July you are beating that back-to-school rush, which means you can schedule your child’s first dentist appointment whenever works best for you!
  • October instead of November – you might be thinking that scheduling pre-candy is a bad idea, but we are here to tell you that this is actually better for your child! This way the dentist can teach them how to take care of their teeth amidst that onslaught of sugar, and you won’t have to deal with the post-Halloween dentist rush.
  • February instead of January – a lot of people schedule their dentist appointments for the beginning of the year, probably with the thinking of a “fresh start” for the year. As you can see, that’s one of our busiest times, so we recommend scheduling in February instead. By scheduling in February this appointment can also serve as a reminder to stay on track for those new year’s resolutions!

We hope that by scheduling your child’s dentist appointment during one of the less busy times of year it will take some of your stress away, as well as ensure that your child has proper time to prepare mentally and physically for this exciting trip!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and we hope to see you soon!


Can You Floss Too Much?

Yes, it is possible to floss too much. While flossing is an important part of maintaining the health of your teeth, flossing too much actually damages your teeth and gums. The signs that you’re flossing too much are:

  • Red, irritated gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Lower gum line
  • Cavities near the bottom of the teeth

Flossing too much can greatly harm your gums and teeth. The more you floss, the more likely your gums will become red and irritated. Your gum line can also be damaged by too much flossing, which exposes more of your teeth to bacteria, so you are more likely to develop cavities near your gum line.

How Much Should You Floss?

To keep your teeth and gums healthy, you only need to floss once a day. If there’s something caught between your teeth, definitely use floss to remove it as soon as possible. However, you don’t need to floss between every tooth more than once a day.

How Should You Floss?

How you floss is just as important as how much you floss. Flossing too much becomes a bigger problem if you’re flossing wrong. Here are some common flossing mistakes you should watch out for:

  • Flossing too hard. Flossing too hard means you’re making sawing motions are forcing the floss farther than necessary to clean your teeth. Flossing too hard makes it more likely for your gums to become irritated and cause gum disease.
  • Not flossing both sides of each tooth. When flossing, you should move the floss along each side of each tooth. If you don’t scrape the plaque from each side of your teeth when flossing, you’re more likely to develop cavities between your teeth.
  • Not using a new section of floss for each tooth. Make sure to use a fresh section of floss for every tooth. The whole point of flossing is to remove the plaque from between your teeth, and if you don’t move to a new section of floss, you are reinserting the plaque you just removed from your teeth.

Regularly flossing is crucial to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Not flossing at all can lead to gum disease, cavities, and other nasty teeth issues. However, flossing too much can also lead to gum disease, cavities, and nasty teeth issues. Burg is also here to help your children have a healthy smile!


Protecting Your Child’s Teeth During Sports

Three children pictured from above, smiling and holding a soccer ball. Caption reads Protecting Your Child's Teeth During Sports. Burg Children's Dentistry.

Playing sports is one of the best ways for your kids to get the exercise and socializing that they need. The only concern is how to handle it when they get hurt? Protecting your children’s teeth while they play sports, not just heavy-contact sports, is incredibly important. The general cost of fixing a missing tooth can be twenty times more expensive than using other, easier methods. If something does happen, don’t hesitate to remedy the situation. You can schedule an emergency appointment by calling your nearest office. Visit our locations page to find an office near you!

So, what can you do to prevent unnecessary headaches…or toothaches?

#1: Practice Makes Perfect

We know you’ve heard this before. But what better way to prevent injury than to help get your child playing to their best ability? As your child improves, they will be less likely to receive a football or a hockey puck to the face. Also teach your kids to avoid unnecessary roughness. Often children will listen if you stress the importance of not hurting others, and by proxy, themselves. Of course, these efforts do not account for accidents and other injuries on the court or field. These can be further helped by…

#2: Helmets

You wouldn’t send your child out onto the football field without a helmet, right? Helmets protect more than just a child’s head, though; especially ones with face guards. These can prevent your child from breaking or losing a tooth entirely. Even helmets without the additional front face guard help kids by decreasing the impact they take to their heads, which can cause them to bite down hard enough to break or chip teeth. For those children participating in non-contact sports such as swimming or soccer, consider still having them wear a helmet. If that is not an option, the best method to preventing losing a tooth is…

#3: Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are the best method for preventing your child from losing or chipping a tooth. Mouth guards are sold at most sports stores, and usually come in one-size-fits-all. These are generally cheaper, but might not fit your child’s mouth properly. We recommend getting a custom-made mouth guard. These will better protect your child, and are still far cheaper than the alternative: coming in for a replacement tooth.

You might be thinking that your child won’t like to wear a mouth guard. There are a few ways to make this more appealing to them.

  • Consider also wearing a mouth guard while playing with your child. Show some support!
  • Explain to a child that even superheroes wear protective gear to keep them safe while fighting crime!
  • Have your child practice wearing the guard while doing things besides sports to help them become accustomed to it.

Taking measures to keep your child safe while participating in sports will both make you feel more comfortable, and save you money! Visit First Lab Direct to learn more about protecting your child and the effects of sports on teeth.


The Importance of Focusing on Flossing With Kids

mother and daughter smiling burg children's dentistry

Flossing. It’s the bane of all the oral health chores we do day-in and day-out. While it’s often overlooked, we are reminded each and every time we go to the dentist as our dentist asks us, “do you floss regularly?” Maybe you’re great at it and can give an answer with confidence. Or maybe you’re like many of us who feel we can do better. It can be hard to remember, but it only takes an extra two minutes out of the day to complete.

I think you can see the value in your own flossing. Now it’s time to turn our attention to helping our kids floss. You can make it fun, and help them establish a foundation for oral health by forming this very necessary habit.

The Importance of Flossing

Flossing is essential to maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Flossing is perhaps even more important than brushing because it removes bacteria that are the precursors of plaque, which if left to fester will turn into tartar that cannot be removed by regular brushing or flossing. Tartar is what eventually causes the damage that leads to decay of the tooth.

Make Flossing Fun

We all know it- flossing isn’t the funnest thing in the world, and it feels weird! But we can make it so kids want to floss. Let’s make it fun! Here are a few ideas:

Brush Like a Superhero!

Turns out, when superheroes aren’t out fighting crime and saving lives, they’re at home brushing and flossing. True story! And we have a way for your kids to imitate brushing like a hero. Follow the instructions at the link for awesome superhero cutouts that you can tape to the bathroom mirror. Your kids will have so much fun brushing and flossing!

The Peanut Butter Rubber Gloves Game!

This is an idea from Kool Smiles! It’s an awesome way to teach your kids the value of flossing while showing them an example of how flossing works with peanut butter and rubber gloves.

What you will need:

  • a rubber glove
  • peanut butter
  • a toothbrush
  • floss
  • a friend (you can be that friend!)

This activity is pretty simple.

First, put a rubber glove on (you).

Second, have your child cover the glove in peanut butter, including in between fingers. Make sure to keep your fingers tightly closed together after.

Third, have your child take the toothbrush and brush the peanut putter off the glove. Continue to keep your fingers tight. Your child will notice that it’s hard to get in between the fingers.

Fourth, suggest that they try using the floss run between the fingers to get the extra peanut butter. As they slide the floss down each finger, just like they would when flossing.

As the peanut butter is removed, share with your child that this is just like flossing, and that flossing removes the “peanut butter” between our teeth and keeps our gums and teeth healthy!

We hope you use these activities to help your kids learn why flossing is important! Take the time to teach your kids the value of flossing so they can build this habit for the future.

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