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The Single Fastest Way To Grow Your Dental Practice

In a world of so much noise and information overload you are probably looking for an edge to grow your practice every year. Owning a dental practice requires you to be on the lookout for new ways to grow. DSOs seem to be popping up everywhere, the costs of doing business are rising, dental insurance carriers are constantly changing the rules for your patients, mid-level providers are now apparently making dentistry look like a commodity. All of this can make you crazy and send you into a downward spiral thinking, “Where do I start?”

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Filling Holes in Your Schedule

Ever struggled with keeping the schedule full? “No Kirk, we NEVER have open time. We can never fit in  all the  patients beating down our door to scnedule major restorative work. We can’t shoo them away fast enough!” Ok…that would be a truly awesome problem!  But I’m guessing  like most practices, you’ve wrestled with the […]

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The one thing you need to know about CE online

ThinkstockPhotos-589429506As the summer of 2017 zips by, you’re thinking about enjoying the sun, visiting the pool, hosting barbecues and … planning your CE?

Surprisingly, the summer is the ideal time to see if you’ve taken the CE courses you need. At this time of year, your schedule is (perhaps) a bit more relaxed, and you have a chance to reflect and plan before the end of the year crunch time. So check what courses you’ve completed and what you need to complete. Then make a plan to take the courses you need before the end of the year. It will be harder to do when licensure deadlines are looming and your office is filled with patients who need to use their dental benefits before Dec. 31.

Once you know what you need, search the ADA’s extensive list of CE Online courses at All of them are 50 percent off through the end of August (just enter promo code HALFOFF when you check out). You can even purchase the courses now and take them any time before the end of the year.

Some of the most popular courses include:

Take CE planning off your plate now, and free yourself up to focus on your patients for the rest of the year.