Colgate and Scientific American Launch the Future of Oral Health Website

Colgate and Scientific American have launched a new website dedicated to investigating the leading topics in global oral health: the Future of Oral Health. Their mission is to not only to begin conversation but, to bring together many different people and communities as one and honor the power of new modern inventions of oral health. In the coming months and years the website will be exploring a variety of different topics that are essential to oral health’s future.

Many people are hooked on technology but here, Colgate and Scientific American bring the focus to oral care technology products that are becoming more and more prominent in the current landscape of oral health: Dentists performing hard and soft tissue procedures without drills, requiring no anesthesia injections, lower costs, and more. Other subjects currently being explored include the rise in digital dentistry and the breakthrough of technologies in oral care such as 3D printed teeth, tooth decay detecting lasers, and nanobots capable of detecting oral cancer.

Colgate and Scientific American are also exploring major subjects in the sphere of public health and overall trends sweeping the world of oral health at large. Current areas of focus include the oral-systemic link; the greatest challenges in dentistry, and a look at how increased access to healthcare information, knowledge-sharing, and customized, on-demand treatments are all transforming oral health.

While the key trends in technology and public health are of major importance, dental and healthcare professionals cannot forget to understand the future of oral health from the patient perspective: The Future of Oral Health website currently has infographics on why patients choose to visit the dentist, and an examination of how patients use social media, search engines, and email to research oral health questions.

To see the full range of videos, articles, infographics, and interviews on the subjects above and more, head over to the Future of Oral Health website.


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