Email Marketing: 21 Strategies to Digitally Blast your Dental Office

Find an email marketing provider that works for you

  1. There are dozens of websites that help you manage your email marketing, and it may be a bit intimidating to choose just one to get started. Some effective and well-known sites for email marketing include Constant Contact, MailChimp, and AWeber. The best part about these sites is that most of them give free trials so it’s easy to figure out which one works best for you and your company. They all have different forms of creating contact segment lists and design formats that make it easy to develop content and send out those emails, even for beginners.

Make list segments

  1. You always want to make sure that your emails are relevant to the people who are receiving them. For instance, you may not want to send the same email to people who work in dental offices, as opposed to those employed by dental supply companies.
  1. You can create subscriber list segments based on occupation, attendance at conventions, location, or any other appropriate field.
  1. Choose any or all of the segments that you want to email to ensure you are contacting the correct people.

Don’t be a spammer!

  1. It is imperative that your email subscribers are opted-in. This means that each subscriber gives you explicit permission to add them to your email marketing list. Ways to obtain opt-ins can be achieved through website sign up forms, permission via email, or through customer leads. A double opt-in may also be used to reinforce permission.
  1. You may be emailing thousands of people at a time, so don’t overdo it! Be careful with wording so that your emails aren’t marked as spam. For example, use caution with words such as “free,” “money,” “cash,” “cheap,” and “congratulations.” Consider avoiding excessive exclamation points as well.
  1. It is okay to advertise your products and services. However, subscribers will delete your emails fast if they feel they are being pressured to purchase products.
  1. If you look at your email draft and feel that you wouldn’t open it yourself, then chances are that your subscribers won’t either!
  1. Be sure to clearly include an unsubscribe link on the top and/or bottom of each email.

Sometimes less is more

  1. Get to the point! Most people aren’t going to read through a ton of information. They will, however, be more inclined to follow your links and take a look at your website if you keep things concise. Try to make an engaging subject line that is relevant to the email.
  1. Lighthearted humor and enthusiasm are always good, but keep it appropriate for your industry.
  1. Limit the number of emails you send out to each of your segments. One thing you do not want is for potential customers or clients to become annoyed with constant email blasts and for them to unsubscribe from your email lists.

Designing your e-mails

  1. In the dental industry, you are going to want your email blasts to be aesthetically pleasing, but don’t send out anything that goes over the top or borders on flashy. Have fun with designs, layouts, and even a few images, but keep it clean and easy to follow!
  1. A simple color scheme is always a good idea, especially one that your company uses for graphics. This makes your brand more consistent and memorable.
  1. Fiverr is a website that provides digital services that start at five dollars. If you want to develop content that gives your emails creative graphics, for example, then definitely check out Fiverr!

What to include

  1. In all your emails, be sure to include links to your website and social media pages. If they are easily accessible links, subscribers will be more likely to search through your sites.
  1. Emails are, of course, a fantastic way to advertise your promotions. To attract customers and attention to your business, you can offer free samples, sales, or even giveaways.
  1. Send out some “thank you” blasts! For example, if you send convention attendees an email thanking them for visiting, your company will be more memorable.

Why email marketing?

  1. Sending subscribers a friendly email every once in a while allows your company to remain relevant to current or prospective customers. They will help keep the memory of your brand alive and give you a strong, professional online presence.
  1. Email marketing providers use analytics to gain information on subscribers and engagement. This includes statistics on open rates, number of clicks, unsubscribes, spam, and other data.
  1. Now, more than ever, online marketing is becoming hugely important for businesses. As the demand for advertising continues to expand, the online sector is really the only part that is growing. If your business does not have a strong online presence, you risk losing customers. Email marketing helps attract new customers while retaining the old ones, which are some of the most important functions of marketing.


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